About Katrin Ambrosius

Katrin Ambrosius is a 5th generation descendent of an instrumentalist, music composer and artist family. The musical impulse was given to her by her grandfather Hermann Ambrosius and her mother Hilde Ambrosius, a pianist.

Her instrument of choice was the violin at the age of 5. She chose that specific instrument because the sound resembles the closest to the human voice. "I am a synesthesia, which means I can see tunes as colors. The violin's characteristics consists out of a wide colorful spectrum of sound, which makes the violin like an extension of myself." Quote of Katrin Ambrosius.

By the time she finished her studies at the Tschaikowsky Conservatorium University, she has studied and is proficient on various instruments such as piano, guitar, violin and drums. Her primary instrument is an Italian violin from the 18th century. Her interest in contemporary music was heavily influenced by her grandfather at an early age. Currently she administrates the musical inheritance of her grandfather, by managing the licenses and the concert schedules on a daily basis.

While having the musical educational background, she also focused on her therapeutically skills. She graduated from the university with a diploma in music therapy. Katrin also worked with children in need for more than 14 years. Her music and therapeutically education and experience helped those children to overcome their conflicted mental state. In addition she has a license to practice NLP and was taught by Dr. Richard Bandler.

Her primary goal is to make the listener feel the emotions while discovering the world of music. Since various musical pieces have different acoustical shades and feelings, it is her aim to accompany the listener throughout the entire musical journey by being a musical guide. The played music has to sound natural with an organic flow, which can be accomplished by a perfect playing technique. That is one of the reasons, why she focuses on it when teaching and playing.

Her students are world-wide. The ones from afar communicate with her using Skype. All her students have many success stories to tell. The certificate "The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music" London or the German competition award "Jugend musiziert" are just some achievements of her students to be named.

The chamber music is a regular feature of her life. Frequently she is doing concert tours with her own ensembles (duo, trio, quartet and quintet) throughout entire Europe. She is playing music compositions from baroque all the way to modern music. During her off time she is teaching students.

Katrin Ambrosius